Performing since 1980 throughout central Kentucky to preserve & introduce new listeners to the joy & uniqueness of classic swing-era big-band music. Our non-profit raises funds to support young musicians & other musical organizations.

1930 to 1960 Music With A 21-Piece Orchestra

Booking and Contact Info

Young At Heart Big Band
George Ely
(859) 321-1940 cell

The Young At Heart Big Band has 18-24 players at each show, and performs 30-40 times per year in the Central Kentucky area. As a non-profit organization we ask for a donation. The contributions we receive are used to support other musical programs and young needy musicals students in the area.

Dixieland South Band
Doyle Rambo
(859) 536-6925 cell

The Dixieland South Band consists of 8-10 members of the Young At Heart Band. They perform 30-40 times per year throughout the area, playing mostly New Orleans Dixie-style music.